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Braces for Kids

Children can have orthodontic braces at any age to straighten teeth after they have grown in, but most begin orthodontic treatment around 10-14 years of age. It is typically more effective on children whose bones are still growing and forming.

However, some children start braces as early as age 7 or 8 if there is a medical reason to do so. A lot depends on the type of problem they have and how their adult teeth are growing in.

Early treatment can help guide growth of the jawbone, move teeth into the correct position, reduce the risk of injury to prominent teeth, make space for teeth coming through, and lower the chances of teeth becoming impacted under gums.

But this doesn’t mean that all children need to start treatment early. In some cases, it’s better to wait until more adult teeth have come through.

When to Visit an Orthodontist

You should take your child to the dentist every six months to check their overall oral health as well as the development of their teeth. If the dentist is concerned about your child’s teeth, they will refer him or her to the best orthodontist in Pflugerville, Dr. Giasi. He is an orthodontist in Round Rock and Pflugerville who specializes in correcting tooth and jaw alignment problems.

Many orthodontists recommend that children visit by age 7, when their adult teeth have begun appearing. By this stage, any alignment issues should be apparent, and the orthodontist can plan their treatment, even if it won’t begin for another few years. Identifying the need for braces early on means your child can get treatment in the most effective way possible.

Types of Braces for Kids

The types of braces available for children are much the same as those used for adult orthodontics, although some have special features for kids.


Traditional metal braces are by far the most common for children and they are also usually the cheapest braces option available. A bracket is affixed to each tooth and a metal wire joins them all together. By tightening the wire in certain places with regular adjustments, Dr. Giasi gradually manipulates teeth into position.

As a parent, you may remember metal braces being enormous and uncomfortable to wear. Fortunately, technology has been advancing over the past 25 years or so, and brace brackets are much smaller and neater than before. They also carry an element of fun for kids as they can customize them with different band colors.

Metal braces offer effective teeth straightening for all kinds of alignment problems, with treatment usually taking 18-24 months.

Children will need special help cleaning their braces and teeth because it’s easy for food and bacteria to get stuck in the brackets. A children’s electric toothbrush with a special orthodontic head can make this process easier.

Ceramic (Clear and Tooth-Colored)

These braces function in much the same way as metal ones, but the materials used make them less noticeable. The ceramic clear brackets come in a clear or tooth-colored material so they blend in better with the teeth. The wire is still usually metal, although it can have a tooth-colored coating.

The materials used in these braces means they usually cost more than metal, but they could be a good choice for children who are feeling very self-conscious about their orthodontic treatment.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call the best orthodontist for braces in Pflugerville and Round Rock today!


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